World is your Lobster

World is your Lobster - Travel Blog Website

A unique name to a website with a unique design and unique and meaningful blogs, A travel blog website, with more than 3000 page views per month.

Product Story:

The Client who is a traveler, had very clear picture of how she wanted her website to look and function. She herself came up with a sketch of each and every page’s design.

Website is designed and developed for each and every functionality and design mentioned on the sketch and the document we framed out. Within a span of 3 weeks, Ajasra had the website developed and ready to deploy.

Worldisyoulobster is a travel blog website having google adsense integrated to generate revenues through the traffic it generates ( Answer to question 2 on this post ). Ajasra helped client setup the adsense and integrate it in specific position on the website.

If we consider the 3 questions mentioned in this post, here are the answers considering wordlisyourlobster website:

  1. Value Proposition: Honest, Off Beat, environmentally friendly, real, experiences.
  2. Where’s the money?: Through AD’s
  3. Audience: People who love to travel, who are going on a vacation, who like to read about different places, travellers.


World is your lobster

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