Penny Radio Podcast ( WordPress)

penny radio feature image

Penny Radio, a podcast website developed for client having expertise in managing and advising over finance. It’s an website to let it’s user understand and manage their money well.

The requirements were loud and clear, and it required to develop this website on wordpress, considering familiarity with it’s CMS.

The website has ability to post podcasts in various formats, while also allowing to post videos. The episodes posted are managed season wise.

Though, with the initial design and development, there were a lot of copyrights issues, which Ajasra tried to help the client in each step to let the website be live in the proposed timeframe.

Website also features and allows the users to redirect and subscribe to various platforms the website owner is available on, along with subscribing to the websites podcast list, where the user gets notified for every new podcast published on the site.

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