EVNT GURU Android and IOS App

EvntGuru - Event Management App

As the name suggests, this app carries in and out of managing an event. Specifically targeted for event managers and clients to keep track of work in progress while also providing the staff members ease. EVNT GURU is a complete event management and event organising app developed by Ajasra. EVNT GURU is now a child product of Ajasra and provides seamless event management app for event managers and event management companies.

The requirement gathering stage which included long brain storming sessions, were carried out to have a clear picture of what product should look like in the end. While we believe this product to be always in development and improvisation phase, here are the main features, evnt guru is offering as event management app for event organisers.

Currently, EVNT GURU has around 5 user interfaces that include
1. Company Admin
2. Manager
3. Staff
4. Client
5. Guests

Based on the user type the he/she can have privileges to utilise this app.
Some very obvious and interesting features for this event management app are here listed

Create Detailed Event and Sub events:

Detailed information of the event is stored and displayed for ease, like

  1. Event location,
  2. Event highlight name,
  3. List of staff members working on it
  4. Planned time for each event
  5. Checklist and prerequisites and much more
Time tracking and Timesheet history:

Every event has planned hour and an ability to track time to have record of time being spent on each event/sub event. Also, time sheet history is available where the manager can have in detail information of work being undertaken on every single event.

Extra hours work tickets:

Event managers often face this issue of having to work extra hours than planned hours, and not being able to keep a record of it and then send it out to the client. EVNT GURU event management app does it for you seamlessly, this app provides an in app feature for staff and manager to send out the extra hour work tickets to clients directly from the app and get approval for it. This makes Evnt Guru a very unique and useful event management and event organiser app.

Polls on the Run:

Every amazing conference happening around the world had one thing in common and it is to engage the audience. Speakers usually ask questions specifically to certain selected users. This app offers a very interesting feature of allowing the speakers to take polls on run, enabling it to reach maximum audience and also generating very useful insights. Thus, this feature makes EVNT GURU a very good conference management app in the space.

Event Networking:

While there are many events happening around world and many people attend it. It gets difficult for delegates or attendees to find out people with similar interest in a given event. This app provides an in app easy access to profiles with similar interest, making business networking powerful making EVNT GURU a very useful delegate management app.


EVNT GURU is a complete event management app or event organiser app helping event managers and companies seamlessly manage multiple events seamlessly at your finger tips offering all functionalities an event management and event planning should offer. EVNT GURU app has ability to manage all tedious tasks while also allowing managers to engage the delegates and attendees. Learn more about our native android development and native ios development services


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