Quiz App – Bahamas Island History

Bahamas - An Intuitive Quiz App

An intuitive quiz app developed specifically to help people learn about Bahamas Island and it’s history.

This app was initially developed with Flutter technology and falls under flutter quiz app, though client wanted more native features and Ajasra took over the task of developing app from scratch for both android and ios. The designs used were from the previous flutter version, only the functionality developed natively for both platforms.

Programming language used

For android: java and xml

For ios: swift 4.1

Also, this app has features of updating/adding quiz questions from admin making it easy to always adding content on the go.

Link to IOS app: Bahamas – Island History IOS

Link to android app: Bahamas – Island History Android

Types of questions supported in this app are :-

  1. Multiple choice questions ( Text options)
  2. Multiple choice questions ( Image options)
  3. Form an answer from available characters.
bahamas island history quiz app

Right now, this app doesn’t support one – one playing which is a feature Ajasra would be working on, making it more interesting and engaging for users to play.

So, do you think you have good content base of questions people would love to play? Or is shareable, do contact us and we can set this up in no time.

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