Want to develop a website/mobile app? Answer these questions first

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So, you’re here on this page and we believe you want to develop a website/mobile app or you’re just checking us out 😉 Ajasra is a top rated web development agency as listed on DesignRush

Till date, Ajasra had a set of questionnaire to help better understand a website or mobile app requirements requirements from the client. Though, it brought great understanding and results to the clients, we were looking to offer more to our clients.

At this time we were introduced to Unakriti’s. method of letting a brand/ business understand itself before taking the leap of faith. These questions can be applied to anyone considering to develop a website.

1) Where’s the value?

As a brand/business or a startup, what are your value proposition? What value do you offer and intend to offer to your existing and future clients?This can be a list of keywords, which would help decide the keywords ( Now the values) on the website.

Further, after listing out all the keywords, any keyword planning tool ( KeywordTool, TheHoth) can be used to analyse the search volume and competition for each keyword. Keyword planning tools also offer similar keywords, helping us find the best ones to be used on the website and mobile app.

Where's the money?

2) Where’s the money?

Every website or mobile app on internet requires funds to be live and running on the web. Here are some costs that are to be barred when deploying website.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Security Certificate
  4. Additional emails
  5. other addons

For app:

  1. Developer accounts
  2. Cloud ( Hosting)
  3. External API’s ( Locations, Places, Emails etc.)
  4. other addons

Where would all the money come from? Are you developing a website or a mobile app to attract client for the services you offer? or are you looking to sell products on your website/mobile app? or Are you looking to create content based website/mobile app, and generate money through traffic?

This also helps us decide the CTA ( Click to Action).

3) Who is your target audience?

Though, it might be difficult one to answer, the more in-depth we understand our audience, the more targeted our content can be. For example, if our audience is young college going students, all our content should speak the cool slang this group uses.

What language does the audience speaks? – This helps to decide whether our website/mobile app is supposed to be multi – lingual.

Remember : The more in depth understanding of audience, the more targeted content.

Answering and brainstorming on these questions will help you better define your website/mobile app goals, website type, deciding the framework, language, keywords and much more, there by helping to define the requirements well aligned with your business/brand.

Want to have a look at answers to these questions for a website developed by Ajasra, read this post.

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