Usability Test with web and app – Why is it important?

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With lots of apps and websites being developed, there are more and more complex features being built in products. Also, If we consider an ERP system, it can sometimes get messy as to where the user should find required resources or where should he flow next with the system? Thus, with complexities increasing and the role of software which is to reduce human efforts or redundant tasks, there are some steps and measures to be taken to make the software or a system easy to use for real users. Thus, to understand user flow on the website/app, usability test are carried out on real users.

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What is usability test?

It is a test to let real users test the software system, to determine how easy to use the system is.
The main aim is to find out the areas of confusion for real users and find points for improvements for UX. Also, tests are mostly done on MVP’s to identifying the blocking and confusing points well ahead of product launch.

A developer or a designer, having in depth knowledge of the product never finds the bug or a design flaw in the system. So, bringing in real users is a best way to determine

  • Understand how your product’s UI flows and don’t get confused with the next steps
  • Can complete main action they want to
  • Don’t encounter usability issues or bugs 
  • Have a great user experience along with ease of use 
  • Notice any other usability problems

Main Stake Holders in Usability Testing:

  1. Participants
  2. Tasks
  3. Facilitators


The real users identified and selected for the testing. Thus, participants are selected keeping in mind end users of the product.


Participants will perform the task defined or the functionalities on the selected software syste. These tasks should align with the product requirements and user flow.


The role facilitator is to help design tasks and get valid data from the tests without influencing the participants behaviour. Thus, facilitator is responsible for overall result of the Usability test.


Overall, the usability test, though might be time consuming, if carried out effectively saves time in a longer run of improvising product and also retaining the users. Also, the test helps to understand deeply how a real user would interact with the system, giving the designers and developers more insights into how a product should flow.

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