Is social media presence enough for your business?

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Every small to mid sized business owners / brands often wonder if social media presence is enough for their business? We often come up with questions like I have a social media page with thousands of followers, why should I consider to develop a website?

We at Ajasra have come up with a detailed information of what is more important and relevant in the digital age.

Social media platforms are marketing tool, while websites are your homes. Thinking of it in traditional and layman terms, website is your brick and mortar store while social media presence is the brochure’s and pamphlets you distribute to your audience. Here we list down some points to re-consider your thoughts regarding social media presence and websites.

is social media presence enough for a business?

Full Control:

With website your business/brand has the full control. While with social media pages, you trust a business owner and give authority of your presence in their hands. Platform gets to decide whether your page remains live or deleted.


Analytics offered for a website are quite deeper and more detailed as compared to the social media ones. More detailed information including the demographics, interests etc can be recorded from the website and also user behaviour on the website. Thus, providing us with information to take better and informed decisions.

Detailed Information:

You would not always want to publish information on social media, which would be there on website. Thus, websites hold all detailed information about your business. Having a website will enable you to give detailed information of all the stories happening in and around your business.

So, social media should just be one of the strategies when going digital while website should be your home base where all other platforms point.

Thus, all in all both aspects are important when you want to take your business digital. Though, every platform should work complementing the limitations of other platforms. Thereby, making the most optimised use of the digital platforms.

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