How Technology Solutions are shaping the Future of Senior Health Care

senior health care technology

Relying on hospitals and healthcare facilities alone is neither a feasible nor cost-effective solution, which is one reason the future of senior home care is so important. The future of senior health care technology is shaping up with advancements in digital healthcare technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR/MR, electronic health records, telemedicine, or medical tricorder.

From real-time analysis supported by machine learning to wearable devices that track and send patient data from a distance, the new and evolving technologies are assured to influence senior home care delivery in 2021.

In this blog, we have prepared a list of 5 technology trends that will have a severe impact on the future of senior home care.

  1. Artificial Intelligence –

Frequently, AI is becoming a crucial part of healthcare. For example, sensors can be used to notify part-time homecare workers if the elderly have stepped out of bed at an uneven time. Another use case for AI technology for senior home care could be with voice assistants that can be utilized to control lighting, doors, and home appliances by the differently-abled senior citizens of the society.

2. AR/VR/MR in Healthcare –

Virtual and augmented reality are both crucial technologies with high potential to enhance the quality of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, AR and VR technology shows promise for helping stroke victims defeat device deficiencies. Undoubtedly, the future of AR/VR/MR will be strongly influenced by its use in the healthcare industry.

3. Electronic Health Records –

Home healthcare firms can control the power of AI to automate manual tasks of observing, recording, and reporting, saving up the valuable time of their home care professionals allowing them to focus on a deeper analysis of patient data, especially when managing high-risk cases.

4. Healthcare Trackers, Wearables, and Sensors –

No matter whether you would like to maintain your weight, stress level, cognitive capabilities better or you would like to reach an overall fit and active state, there is a device for all of these essentials and more.

The advantage of these new tech-fueled devices is that they truly make patients the service point. With the capability to control one’s health at home and share the results remotely with their doctor, these devices empower people to take control of their health and make more versed decisions.

5. Telemedicine –

Despite being a well-known trend in the healthcare industry, telemedicine significantly supports and simplifies the lives of both providers and patients. With telemedicine, doctors are able to observe and treat patients through video conference, reducing the need for patients to drive to a physician’s clinic.

Conclusion –

Technology will continue to demand more and more, and for the better –thanks to the advancement of senior health care technology. Though living in the digital era, where everything is connected and linked, we can expect the five above-mentioned technology solutions to have wide-reaching potential to shape the future of senior health care.

Hence, the future of the healthcare industry is bright, and we can reliably expect to see tangible advances in the lives of both professionals and patients in the upcoming years.

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