How a mobile app for restaurant or food business can boost efficiency?

restaurant mobile app

Mobile apps have been in the industry for quite a long time now, and have evolved over time. While, restaurant have started to used mobile app for various purposes from order taking and restaurant management to billing to online food ordering. These apps could be very effective and drive efficiency and engagement, when used and implemented in most optimum and evolving manner. There are many restaurant mobile app developers available in the market, though very few providing very targeted and customised services.

Ajasra provides deep consulting to restaurants with their ICT strategy and provides mobile app development services to Restaurants to generate data, drive engagement of users and much more. Here are features we believe to be important and need to be customised as per each restaurants need to generate best outputs.

Start Time when the customer sits on table:

For restaurants, order amount is of most value, though time required by each customer from deciding to order to finishing up the meal vs the order amount could generate analytics and data points which every restaurant can realise and work upon.

Food ordering:

Either the waiters or users should be directly allowed to order directly from app, along with also noting date, time, month season weather data to the order. This gives deep analytics to the combination that most sells for a given restaurant for given weather, day, date and some other very specific events.

Forecasting for inventory:

While this can we learnt and take time to predict with accuracy, though very obvious data points could help and automate the task of planning on buying daily needs of a restaurant from vegetables, toiletries, to plates etc.

Instant Payment:

Making contact less payments would be the next very important thing for all restaurants and making it quick can be even more important. Generating payment links could be a very quick and efficient way to do it. Or maybe through in-app payment requests.


Food delivery is rising and is at peak. Still this industry is predicted to boost for coming year and with no limits. While, it totally depends on the nature of the restaurant if delivering food would be a cost effective and efficient way to server more customers or not.


In app offers could help and entertain more customers leading to an engaging user base and generating inputs from users who would be interested for specific offers. This offers could also be specifically targeted to users using mostly delivery option with in app reminders of dishes they like.

On Demand/ Bidding offers:

Mobile app for restaurants could also engage and users with specific offers like bidding for specific drinks / food. This can be seamlessly managed with the restaurant app. Also, a good side of this could be, for all profits made through this bidding, the amount could be sent out to charity!


There can be many ways with which  customers of restaurant can be engaged through mobile app, and drive efficiency by generating outputs like

  1. Time take to order
  2. Time taken to fulfil an order
  3. Time taken to make payment
  4. Wastage of inventory and much more, giving an all in one solution for restaurants.

Want to generate and take data driven decisions for your restaurant?

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