How an event management app could help increase efficiency?

event management app

Event Management industry has evolved over time and people around globe have started to outsource the in and out of managing events of all sizes. While people ( clients ) are looking to take off the burden of their head of managing events, there have been many tools in the market to help event managers with managing events There are many event many event management apps and event organiser apps available, we list down the main features event management application should contain to help seamlessly manage your events

What all features should an event management app or event organiser app include from the ease of management perspective:

Show List of Current and Upcoming Events:

List of current and upcoming events should be easily visible to the manager letting them have a clear plan in their head.

Assign Events to Members:

Assign events / sub events to specific staff members

Track Time taken for each event:

App should allow managers to track  time consumed by each members on a specific event and also have a history of time-sheet allowing it to be sent over to client.

Checklist of prerequisites:

Every event requires specific prerequisites of either understanding of concept or goods to be taken along, and having a list of checklist attached to every event gives a clear indication of what would be required for an event.

Event location:

Every event happens over some or other location, and sometimes it might get tricky to reach out to the event location had it be just mentioned over phone or a message. Adding specific location on map gives a proper location tracking to all stake holders to reach the destination with clicks.

Extra Hours ticket:

Every event has a specific amount of time planned before execution and so is the estimate of costs sent out to the client. Sometimes there may be some changes in requirements on the ru-time, and taking up more time than planned and can get tricky to get billing for the extra hours worked. An app can directly send the extra hours ticket to the client making the process seamless.

Event Ticketing and Guest List:

An app can make the process of ticketing and managing guests seamless given that all the guests have been sent over a ticket through email and can be scanned down at the event venue. This also generates analytics of attendance for a given event.

Now we have enough data about how event management app could help manage events easily. Let’s look at it from the engagement perspective. 

Speaker Profiles:

For conferences, as there can be a lot of speakers, every speaker should have a profile where details like small description, social media links are given to let guests easily understand what can they expect from a given session.

Polls On the run:

There are certain questions to be asked during a session, while limited number of guests can answer considering the time limits, these polls can be sent out to guests, and answers can be recorded, giving a clear stat and picture for every poll.

Network Matching:

For a given event or conference, most of the guests attending have networking as one of the main aim. While, there can be huge number of guests for a given event, a feature that matches you with people with similar networking interests can be of great use.

Analytics Dashboard:

Any given conference or event can generate a quantity and quality data for managers to improvise on their planning, for companies on overall polls and user behaviours. All this data can be collected with full user permission and analysed for better planning and engagement.


The above list shows what all feature should an event management app comprise off and what benefit it could bring as a whole to the company. Again, the COVID situation has put whole physical event industry on hold, we observe people and companies going back to normal, and soon the event industry would be booming like never before. This can be the best time to prepare, plan and decide upon the organisational need. 

Want to take your event management company to next level of management and engagement?

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