How a mobile app for gym could drive engagement and create an efficient eco-system?

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Mobile apps have been booming in the market, and users are spending more time on mobile than ever. With all industries adapting and finding a fit for mobile app placements, we believe there’s a lot more coming when to apps developed specifically for gyms and fitness centres, especially there’s COVID situation around and fitness centres being the culprit of situation. Smart engagement apps for gyms would be booming next as they have already started to enter the market.

Ajasra believes, there would come a time when there would be auto-manageable gym setups available through the use of tech. We will list down all the features required for this, though, let’s first list down the redundant and effective features an app could have to boost the user engagement of fitness centre or a gym.

Personalised exercise routines:

While most of the gym do provide these routines, maybe on a piece of paper, which gets along with the user to every place except the Gym. Mobile app could have the personalised routines listed down to have them handy.

Track User progress:

While this can be something that is very important from the users perspective and very difficult from the Gym’s perspective, tracking user progress can be very easy and be carried out over various parameters, like weight, BMI, fat at specific part, regularity in attending gyms, form etc.

Easy Payments:

Tracking user payments in a busy gym can be a tedious task and require a lot of efforts of maintaining the list. Gym’s mobile app can come into picture, where regular payment requests can be auto generated before a week of subscription end, making the process seamless.


All important announcements regarding a gym can be sent out through this app, making it point of contact for all your gym activities. This feature as simple as it sounds, could drive engagement of customers making them feel always connected and create a strong community of users. 

Exercise videos:

Any new user, who joins a gym requires a guide of how to’s and what to’s of every exercise and equipments in gym. This can be seamlessly done with the use of a gym app.

What all features Ajasra believes would be coming up in next generation gym apps.

1) Entry / Exit through app:

User can enter a gym by scanning their mobile QR/barcode scan. While as simple as it sounds, this can make users entry so seamless, it can attract and make users love your gym more over any other competitors. 

2) Live Gym Traffic:

Live traffic of Gym can be shown to users, helping them decide the time at which they should be planning to workout. For gyms/fitness centres located at very busy location, how often does it happen that the gym equipments are not free and the overall workout of users get disturbed. A small feature like this could go a long way and generate and retain customers.

3) Virtual Trainer in app:

A predefined introduction of all exercises can be recorded and put forth on the app, letting centre’s cut costs. While users demand for personalisation has increased, which indirectly increases the cost attached to every customer. Giving personal attention to all users might get a cumbersome and require the gym /fitness centres to accommodate more trainers, thereby increasing the costs.  Virtual trainers for the gyms could be a small investment initially which could give out best ROI in a longer run, considering the benefits and personalised experience it brings.

4) Credit based system ( Prepaid plans):

Every user is assigned credit for the amount they pay and can be used over a certain period of time, thereby allowing users to proper utilise their money. Also, busy hours could cost more credits compared to free hours of gym, enabling gyms to better organise traffic. Further, this credits can be used for buying any supplement / gym essential products available on the store front, or can also partner with stores providing this goods. Let’s say, a fitness centre partners with a juice centre across the road where these credits can be accepted, thereby creating a eco-system and a cross – selling opportunity.


While there’s a huge crisis the whole fitness industry is in due to the COVID situation, there are certain patterns being observed that say, more people would be joining and caring about their physical well being once things get back to normal. This again gives an indication that, more prepared a gym/fitness centre is past pandemic, the more users it will be able acquire.

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