Google Analytics ( Firebase analytics) for Mobile apps

google analytics feature

Well, it is really important to track usage data be it with app or web. Collecting meaningful data and generating insights can again be one of the important tasks and something every business need to carry trace. Firebase by google offers really interesting and simple to use analytics tools, helping business/ app owners understand their users.

Google Analytics collects usage and behaviour data for your app. The SDK logs two primary types of information:

  • Events: What is happening in your app, such as user actions, system events, or errors.
  • User properties: Attributes you define to describe segments of your user base, such as language preference or geographic location.

There’s no limit on analytics, the only limit here is of the event number which is 500 events. Along with this, Firebase Analytics also offers various features to make the tracking task easier and more insightful.

So, basically Firebase Analytics tracks on the basis of events user does on the app. There are some event parameters that are automatically collected with every event to understand users and their behaviour. Some of them are listed below, while detailed info is available here.

  • language
  • page_location
  • page_referrer
  • page_title
  • screen_resolution

Further, along with default events there can be also lot of custom events that can be set depending upon the nature of your app and what do you expect the user to do on the app.

While there are lot of default events firebase analytics provides, ranging from e-commerce, tour booking website, games, etc and the ability to log custom events makes this tool really important and easy to use for tracking users on the app.

Event Log example:

Logging an custom event

Bundle params = new Bundle(); 
params.putString("screen_name", name); 
params.putString("message", text); 
mFirebaseAnalytics.logEvent("app_share", params);

The above example shows a logging of custom event where app_share is custom event name, screen_name and message are two custom messages we would log along with the event name.


All in all, firebase analytics is a really useful and powerful tool letting developers easily log data while also letting businesses get insights about the user behaviour on the app.

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