Design Thinking approach to web and app development

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We at Ajasra strongly believe, each an every website or an app has an ability to solve huge problems and challenges. So, to provide best solutions to our clients, we align design thinking approach to our software development process, resulting in happy clients and quality products. This process though applicable with all business, has a huge impact when it comes to startups. Ajasra also provides startup consulting to early stage startups.

So, what is design thinking and how do we align it with our development process? Though, design thinking way of problem solving is not a linear method, steps included in design thinking are:

design thinking

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.


The first stage of this process is to empathise with the problem you are trying to solve. Thus, this stage involves Ajasra’s team to align and empathise deeply with the problem a product ( app/ web ) aims to solve. In this stage, interaction with actual user should also take place.


After deeply empathising with the problem, define all the problems the product aims to solve. It can be in form of a strong and simple statement understandable by a layman. This stage also involves discussing and deciding upon all the avenues product aims to solve.


After the first 2 stages, we have a clear and strong list of problems that our product needs to address. Now this stage involves addressing all possible solutions to the problems and avenues defined in previous 2 stages.


So, now we have defined the problem and have the solutions we want to provide to our users. The next step or what we can call the experimenting state, where our team of developers and designers will create MVP’s for the product. This can be a single functionality and scaled down version of the product. This helps with understanding the user interaction with the product. Prototypes are shared either within team, organisation or to selected users.


Distributing our MVP’s to real time users, in turn generates actual uses cases, to rigorously test the product both in terms of technical aspects, as well as in terms of feasibility of the solution we provide.

Non – Linear Process:

Design thinking is a non-linear process and each stage generates additional data or input for other stages, which helps the product to evolve and improvise over time. Testing phase generates the most output, and enables to improvise the product at all the stages. For eg: Test data provides data to come up with many different solutions than the one’s defined in IDEATE stage. Results from test phase are used to redefine the problem and making it more realistic.

Thus, the above process explains how Ajasra aligns it business process with design thinking and software development process to better serve their clients and also delivering quality products

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