A Complete Guide to Healthcare mobile App Development

Healthcare App Development

As healthcare technology advances, it bears a meaningful revolution. Smartphones have begun their venture in Healthcare App Development and today mHealth (mobile + health) thrives with around 48,000 apps in the App Store alone.

Healthcare technology trends have driven to reduce hospital readmission measures and emergency room visits. In contrast, other innovations have caused comfort in the lives of doctors, patients, and hospital workers – the most helpful being healthcare mobile apps.

However, before creating a healthcare app, it’s important that you understand certain aspects of healthcare app development. Here’s a complete guide to healthcare app development for you needed to create an innovative and prolific digital healthcare solution.

Why Develop a Mobile Healthcare Application?

Health has always been a matter of concern for people. Therefore, a mobile healthcare app has several benefits like –

  • It empowers the efficiency of delivering healthcare services with the support of technology.
  • It opens the window of remote healthcare, allowing patients to access consulting services in spite of location.
  • mHealth apps enable doctors to provide a precise diagnosis because of better data-protection, analysis, and the approach of technology.

Hence, healthcare app development is a service for both patients and doctors, and for businesses as it is a thriving opportunity.

Key Reasons behind the Need for Healthcare Apps –

  • For sending online reports.
  • Access to medical records 24/7.
  • Used by various healthcare professionals.
  • Quick and easy communication with doctors.
  • Providing medication prescription online.
  • Booking online patient appointments.

Step by Step Process of Healthcare App Development –

To develop a mobile healthcare app that provides value, you need to begin with solid market research and choose the right technology and tools. Hereby, we can outline a healthcare app development process in six steps.

1. Determine the goal of your healthcare app –

To get mobile app ideas for the healthcare field, you need to consider the main points of healthcare providers and patients and assume who your end-user will be, what service you will give, and how your solution will solve their query.

2. Know your target audience –

By conducting analysis to get information can help to customized apps that are suitable for end-user requirements. This thorough analysis will help to determine the features and functionalities of the app. By deciding on the features and functionalities, it will also be useful in coming to a precise opinion about the budget of your healthcare app development.

3. Study your competitors –

Every product should have a unique selling point (USP) that makes them stand apart from its competitors. You should analyze the USP of your competitors, know the market response, and come up with a unique intent that only your app can provide.

4. Determine the tools and technologies –

What technology will your app be developed on- Android, iOS, or both? Will you have an omnichannel approach? Will your app need integration with a camera, GPS, or voice recorder? To clarify all these, you need to look at your target audience. Like their age, gender, geographical location aids to define these factors.

5. Plan your monetisation approach –

Usually, only apps that serve as an additional solution for medical organizations don’t use monetization systems. However, if your app is an independent solution, you require to look into how to gain a profit out of it. Adopt an approach that is best for your service and your audience.

6. Design and development –

The last step is to Hire Mobile App Developers. An effective healthcare app is a result of a lot of refining. The best way is to create a minimum viable product (MVP) app first. This will assist to save development time and also ensure a rapid launch.

Moreover, you can also update your marketing and branding plans according to up-to-date mobile app development trends and ensure the app performance is excellent.

Which are the Five Best Healthcare Apps for 2021?

Let’s take a glimpse at the five best healthcare apps for 2021 –

1. Practo –

Practo is an app that brings all the required telemedicine features in one place. With Practo, you can ask doctors online, book appointments and lab tests, purchase medicines, get health reminders, and save health records.

2. MyFitnessPal –

MyFitnessPal is a wellness app that empowers you to take care of your health through nutrition and exercise. Your fitness pal account can easily be linked with other health apps improving your complete healthy lifestyle.

3. Headspace –

Headspace is a top-grossing meditation app in 2020 that encourages people to take care of their minds and body. The app provides a primary pack for free, which is ideal for beginners.

4. India Drug Index –

India Drug Index is a free drug database that provides thorough information about drugs that are approved for use in India. The list is based on the latest guidelines and is made by top physicians and pharmacologists.

5. Kareo Clinical –

Kareo Clinical is a complete EHR app designed by healthcare experts and is a cloud-based tool that empowers healthcare providers to get the benefits of EHR software without any troubles.

Cost of Healthcare App Development –

The cost to develop a healthcare app depends upon the complexity of the app. The features include the technologies employed, the development team that you hire, the target location, etc. determine the cost of healthcare app development. To get an exact estimation, you should contact a reliable healthcare app development company and discuss your goals and needs.

So, what we can expect in the upcoming future of mobile healthcare apps?

  • Fitness-oriented apps are the most popular ones.
  • The increasing requirement for special medical apps for doctors.
  • Healthcare cost problem solved.
  • Physicians find value in having a mobile healthcare app connected to emergency health services.
  • Managing the medical services of attending physicians and boosting the level of quality, accessible, on-demand healthcare.

Final Thoughts –

The future of healthcare is being urged by developments in mobile technology. We hope that with the help of this blog, some of your queries regarding healthcare app development are clarified.

And in case, if you are looking for a mobile app development team, look no further, we at Ajasra Tech is the leading mobile app development company with exceptional expertise in developing healthcare applications. Get in touch with us to kick-start your Healthcare App Development journey.

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