A Complete Guide to Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App Development

Truly, mobile apps make our world a better place to live in. The extreme use of smartphones has led to the increase of the food delivery market and this will be soaring.

The food industry has affected the most and thriving in the market for converting restaurant services like online home delivery with the support of technology. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why restaurant online food ordering platforms are so popular nowadays and have become a big source of ideas for UI/UX designers.

According to statistics, by 2030 the food delivery industry is predicted to reach the value of $300 billion. The uncertainty about the COVID-19 circumstances and the promised growth of the food delivery services market by $104, 45 billion during 2019-2023 is a great indication that now is the right time to invest in food delivery app development.

Building a successful online food delivery app can be a challenging process. Such an app should perform flawlessly both for customers and restaurant owners. If you are a restaurant owner, a feature-rich mobile app gives benefits that can help you meet your customer base and grow your business successfully.

In our blog, we will guide you through all the aspects of food delivery app development.

The Popularity of the Online Hotel and Food Booking Apps

Today, it is all about smartphones whether you want to book a cab, get a holiday booked with a hotel or resort, or seeking to get your favorite food item from a restaurant through an online food delivery app. Such an app providing the related service is the best way to get the booking right through hotel booking apps.

Great efforts are required to achieve the online food delivery/booking app development services. With hotel booking app development services also includes the benefit of online food booking, which in turn serves the respective industry to get the best ROI.

Moreover, the perks of getting an in-house app for hotel booking will provide customers multiple useful services such as guests can book their entire trip from the app itself and schedule various activities, they can also avail of many benefits such as security, convenience, discounts, efficiency, reliability, best value for money, and so on. Besides, for business owners, they can get to explore endless benefits varying from user engagement, user variety, and multiple revenue streams.

Benefits of Food Delivery App Development

Since on-demand food delivery apps are increasingly becoming popular and have brace the food industry, no restaurant and food segment can evade eyes from the opportunity they offer.

Let’s check out the key benefits they offer –

  • Easy and smooth customer experience
  • No bar for targeting audience
  • Build a visible brand
  • A big boost to customer retention
  • People of remote places can order
  • Make better bargain
  • Catering to new food niche
  • Cashless mobile commerce experience
  • Wider scope of personalization
  • Creating a professional workforce

How Do the Food Delivery Apps Work?

The food delivery apps act in the following ways:

  • First, app users order food from their preferred restaurant.
  • The restaurant either takes or refuses the order based on availability.
  • After accepting, the restaurant starts preparing the food, and after preparing the user is notified and the food is handed over to the delivery partner.
  • The delivery partner then reaches the user’s address as specified during the transaction and delivers the food.
  • When all these operations take place after placing the order, the user is notified about his/her order in real-time. Users can also get real-time GPS-based updates on the map.
  • After receiving the order and enjoying the food, the user can rate the service of the delivery partner and the food as per his/her satisfaction.

Application Panels and Key Features

All food delivery app has three panels respectively, the user panel for ordering online foods, the restaurant panel for the restaurants to reply and communicate with food apps and lastly admin panel for the app admin to handle control overall activities.

User Panel –

The user panel requires the following features –

  • Login/Sign Up
  • Geo-location map and track.
  • Homepage showcasing nearby restaurants and hot deals.
  • Menu for each restaurant screen.
  • Address book to allow users to keep several preferred delivery addresses.
  • Auto-detect location feature.
  • Food app cart with the option of adding or dropping food items.
  • Multiple payment modes to allow users to make payment for ordered food.
  • User review allowing to add comments and rate food.
  • User capability to check all previous food orders.
  • Discount and offers with food orders.
  • On-screen contact details of the delivery agent and the restaurant.
  • Tracking delivery agent location on GPS map.
  • Search bar to allow users to search restaurants and food of their choice.
  • Multiple filters and refine options for a search function.

Restaurant Panel –

The restaurant panel of the food delivery app will have the following features –

  • Dashboard for the restaurant owners to track orders.
  • Options to accept or reject orders.
  • Managing restaurant profile and all details.
  • Multiple payment options and gateways to receive or transfer money online.

Delivery Personnel Panel –

The delivery personnel panel will consist of the following features –

  • Signup/Login with credentials provided by the admin.
  • Auto-assigned order requests from nearby restaurants.
  • Order delivery tracking and marking when completed.
  • Order history to track all orders delivered by the agent.
  • Call/ Chat option to allow customer contact, a delivery boy.
  • Push notification to update the delivery personnel about any order update.
  • Digital wallet or offline payment option for delivery service.
  • Transaction history to check all payments received.
  • GPS tracking to detect the real-time location of the delivery agent.
  • Online support to allow the delivery agent to communicate with the app support team.

4 Best Food Delivery Apps


This is an on-demand restaurant app and the most successful food delivery app that delivers breakfast, lunch, and dinner from online user’s preferred restaurants.


UberEats is one of the most popular and fastest online food delivery apps that covers more than 1,000 major cities around the world. The app is fully equipped with remarkable features such as real-time delivery tracking with GPS map, estimated delivery time, real-time chat-based support, etc.


Zomato is another most popular food delivery app. It’s a combination of a food delivery service with features of a social network for foodies. You will also get familiar options to follow other users, read reviews and feedback, and explore nearby restaurants.


Swiggy app provides users with multi-options of food from several restaurants. They have trained restaurants and delivery partners with hygiene protocols. Swiggy – food delivery app will get your favorite meal delivered right at your doorstep.

Precautions to Take While Running a Food Delivery Startup during a COVID-19 Outbreak

  • You must urge consumers to pay online and make sure your food delivery app has an option of digital payment.
  • You should make sure that the delivery managers and customers agree on no-contact delivery. The delivery team can drop the package at the door and call or message the customer to inform.
  • Sanitization and gloves for drivers are a must-have. Their safety is more significant than any other aspect of your business during these times.
  • In case of takeaways, the customers should pick up the package from the counter and there should be no contact between the restaurant personnel and customers.
  • You should make sure that you use fewer human resources at the workplace.

Conclusion –

We hope that after knowing all the aspects of the food delivery app, you will be interested in creating one for yourself. Perhaps, developing a food delivery app can bring you huge revenue opportunities. But, to make such an app successful you need to take into consideration each aspect corresponding to the value proposition, features, and competitive benefits your app can offer to its users.

For this, all you need is a professional team that can assist you in creating a feature-rich food delivery app. Besides, if you wish to get a professional estimate of your specific app idea, you can contact us at, we’ll be glad to discuss your project!

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