A Complete Guide on Wearable App Development

Wearable App Development

The next generation business will grow on wearable technology is one of the advanced innovations. Life becomes much easier for fitness freaks and peoples by Wearable App Development. Wearable technology is ready to be invaded into the private sector by integrating the IoT principle.

This modern world technology is not just a monitoring device but can also be worn as a fashion statement. The twofold benefit in a single gadget is what wearable technology is all about. Moreover, wearable technology trends 2021 are taking place in people’s lives and are expected to strike 614.31 million units in 2025.

Indeed, Wearable App Development is the technology of game-change in the market.

Benefits of Wearable App Development

Wearable devices are capable of making the everyday routine of life easy. There are various benefits of wearable app development. In this guide, we will explain some of the most significant advantages of wearable app development that are mentioned below:

  • Fashion –

Wearable apps are easy to manage in the fashion industry. Renowned brands like Levis are adding functional products and other accessories to clothes. Unique fabric clothes will be launched in the upcoming days which will enhance blood flow. Big brands build wearable jewelry such as chains, rings, and wristbands, in addition to clothing.

  • Entertainment –

The biggest entertainment app has gained the product pliant with wearable devices. For example, several apps allow you to play different media on your phone, like music, videos, and images.

  • Improvement in Task Accuracy –

Any person can make mistakes but you can provide error-free operations using the wearable device. Anyone may focus on their complete mission reducing multiple hurdles of daily life.

  • Increases Productivity –

The wearable device can deliver fast production that improves production because the wearable device has numerous features and functions.

Wearable App Development Challenges

While these wearable devices offer specific useful features, still there are various challenges that developers have to face while creating wearable applications. Some major challenges of wearable app development are –

  • Privacy and Data Security:

In today’s situation, data security and privacy is a major concern. Each wearable technology requires data transfer from one device to another. Still, there are a few benefits to data transfer.

  • Battery Friendly:

If the wearable app uses too much power then it will not serve in the market. Due to their compact nature, most wearable devices on the market have great battery life.

  • Speed:

The design of applications for all these devices has become essential and fast as competition rises.

  • Regular Updates:

To remain on the top in the market and to assure long term success, wearable app development required daily updates to keep with the latest technology, trends and fix the bugs.

4 Tips for Wearable App Development

Here are some beneficial tips for wearable app development that wearable app developers must follow –

  • Start with a Use Case:

Developers have to create an app that is valuable and should begin with the relevant set of questions from the wearable context. It can help you to get the best solutions, also the roadmap will benefit to achieve advanced.

  • Right Platform Selection and API:

In the market, several platforms and APIs are available so it is significant to choose the best APIs and platform as per the requirement.

  • Focus on the User:

While developing the wearable app, a developer should focus on the experience of the end-user. The functions of the app should be built to solve the issues of customers or make a simple life or more fun.

  • Consumption and Memory Space:

This is the fundamental factor in every smart device. Users always require apps that should consume low power and memory space. So while creating the wearable app the developer should produce it in that way in order to consume less memory and memory space.

Top Wearable Technology Trends to Know in 2021

  • Biosensors:

One of the striking wearable technology trends is biosensors. These biosensors are known for medical devices that are different from other best wearable tech. It’s a sticking patch that collects data while a patient goes around. It can quickly monitor actions, heart rate, and respiratory rate along with the temperature. It can be witnessed as one of the best wearable technology trends in 2021.

  • Smart Rings:

Second in the lead are Smart rings – proof to one of the best uses of wearable technology. Smart rings are best for businesses and individuals who consume a maximum of their time attending meetings and seek to get timely notifications without staring at the smartphone every now and then. One of the best features about these rings is that they can be tracked via GPS.

  • Wearable for Blinds:

There is some wearable tech that can support blind people. These devices can navigate their surroundings, notify the person to avoid difficulties. The devices are generally designed with a stick and a handle.

  • Smart Clothes:

Smart clothes have laid their name in the list of wearable technology trends. Companies like Athos have designed special shorts, T-shirts, Leggings, with built-in EMG (electromyography) along with motion tracking sensors that trace muscle-flexing & movement. This will remain powerful in the list of wearable technology future trends.

  • Helmets for Cyclists

One of the succeeding uses of wearable technology is helmets for cyclists. Employing a smart bike helmet, the rider can listen to music, attend calls and navigate with GPS technology. Besides, the helmets now have come with built-in LED safety lights and are also capable of tracking path, speed, and movement.

Top 5 Upcoming Wearable Tech of 2021

  • Amazfit GTS 2e/GTR 2e:

The GTS/GTR 2e is designed to lie between the full GTS 2 and GTS 2 Mini. They possess the same display tech and series of health sensors – with longer battery life. The key benefit of the GTS/GTR 2e is better battery life and will last 24 days on a single charge with general use.

  • Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite:

It features a 1.4-inch, 320 x 320 display and ensures up to 9 days in full smartwatch mode and 10 hours of GPS tracking. It includes a heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and 11 sports modes with notification support, music controls, and weather reports among its smartwatch capabilities.

  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Porsche Design:

On the smartwatch front, you’ll get an impressive 2-week long battery life, fitness tracking from more than 100 workout modes, Huawei TruSeen 4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, and overall health monitoring – think stress levels, sleep quality, and SpO2 levels.

  • Realme Watch S Pro:

The Watch S Pro possesses dedicated GPS and a visual heart rate sensor, which can continuously measure heart rate, and measure effort levels during workouts. Battery life is 14 days from just a 2-hour charge and talking of swimming, that’s one of the 15 sports modes on offer from the Pro.

  • OnePlus Watch:

It’s likely to run Wear OS, rumors also pointing to two versions arriving, with multiple model numbers spotted at the BIS – which is India’s tech regulator. That might intend we can see a launch in India before the rest of the world. Of course, two versions could lead to an LTE variant.

Why it’s time to invest in Wearable App Development?

Here are a few things to know about wearable technology:

  • Generates good revenue.
  • Its demand is growing high.
  • The technology can be both – a monitoring tool and a fashionable device.
  • Being demanded by a maximum number of users for being portable, handy, and stylish.
  • It can be used both by medical staff/healthcare organizations and people.

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we tried to cover all the points that hold a specific weightage, and we believe that after going through all of them, you have an idea about how strong is wearable technology today and certainly will stay in the future.

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