7 SEO Tips You Wish you’d Known Earlier

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With countless SEO techniques, it has become almost impossible to decide which ones to stick to and which ones you can safely dismiss.

In this blog, we want to show you the most important 7 SEO tips you need to know to help your site rank right now. Whether you’re a beginner, or an expert looking for a quick start, this blog provides a basic knowledge of the most crucial factors essential for SEO success.

If you focus on these tips alone, you’ll surely drive more organic traffic and improve your search rankings without risking a Google penalty.

Here are the 7 most important SEO tips to follow when optimizing your site:

  1. Optimize Images for Fast Loading –
  2. With so many images to download, the actions you should consider to reduce image quality, change image format, reduce image dimensions, use the Sirv CDN, and serve images over HTTPS.

    If your web pages are still acted over HTTP, consider switching your entire website to HTTPS. Not only will you and your users benefit from improved security, but Google also uses it as a ranking factor.

  3. Use Meta Tags & Description for Making Websites Searchable –
  4. Meta tags make it easier for search engines to discover what your content is about, and therefore are important for SEO. Description Meta tags tell the search engine what your page or site is about, helps with click-through rates to your site, and benefit with your site rankings.

    If you’re ready to check your performance with Meta tags then you must check whether all your pages and your content have title tags and Meta descriptions. Also, don’t miss to mark up your images with alt text.

  5. Do Internal Linking for Keeping Users Engaged On your Website –
  6. Internal links are those that drive visitors to other pages within your own website. They can improve engagement by leading users towards other content they might be interested in, thus holding them on your site for longer.

    Moreover, internal links make it easier for users to navigate through your site and find the content. Thus by using internal links, it enables you to share authority from more popular parts to others that might have been missed.

  7. Label Images for Search Engines and Users –
  8. We know that it’s fascinating to take the easy way out and label images with the standard title your camera gives them, or something simple like “image1.jpg.” But as because search crawlers analyze image filenames, this is not ideal. This means your image filenames should precisely describe their content.

    If you really want to use an image instead of text as your header, make sure to label the image aptly to get the SEO benefits of optimized images.

  9. Keep Easy Navigation and a Simple Layout for Web Spiders –
  10. Some website looks impressive but it doesn’t mean that it has easy navigation. It can be tough to design user-friendly navigation, especially on big websites. Moreover, the best time to develop a powerful site layout is before you create your site. So, before your website becomes too big, consider how you want users to navigate around it or things will quickly get disordered.

  11. Never Put Advertisement Above Fold –
  12. We know many online businesses monetize their websites by selling ads. By putting ads above fold, the main content of your page will push down the page, making a user scroll to the actual subject of the page. These are the most common issues we see affecting SEO rankings. Therefore, placing a great deal of ads on a webpage might make the page look chaotic and thus result in a distressing experience.

  13. Minimize Pop-ups, Wireframes, Scripts & Queries –
  14. You should avoid ads that include new window pop-ups that open as soon as a user clicks on your page. Similarly, you should avoid and try to minimize the wireframes, scripts, and queries on your site.

Conclusion –

We hope you’ve found these SEO tips useful. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be on your path to higher rankings and more traffic.

Have questions above the tips above? Reach out to our consulting team. We will be glad to help you!

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