6 Must have Features for Alumni Management System

The Alumni management system enables organizations, generally universities and colleges, to remain in contact with their alumni, engage them through content and events, and seek donations.

When it comes to choosing your alumni management program, the requirements you have will be novel to your organization. However, there are some common features that all great alumni management programs provide to stimulate engagement and make the best user experience.

We understand that you might not know how to reduce the benefits to achieve a successful alumni program. Certainly, the key to a truly successful alumni program is by increasing alumni engagement in your network. This is best accomplished when organizations choose to implement a complete alumni management software solution.

Here is the list of must-have features of the Alumni management system that you need to look out for –

  1. Alumni Data Management (Interactive Member Directory) –
  2. Database features in the alumni management system help managers assemble key data about alumni, such as contact information, career history, membership status, and donation patterns. This data can facilitate more effective outreach efforts and can help alumni relations staff conclude whom to contact and when.

    The directory should be searchable and offer filters to accommodate members to easily find and associate with others based on group, industry, location, or any custom domain.

  3. Job Boards and Online Forums –
  4. Another channel for keeping the alumni management system engaged is job boards, which can be installed through some alumni management platforms. Alumni can use these online forums to post opportunities or request help from other alumni in the same domain and build their professional networks, including through integrations with social media platforms.

    In addition, an up-to-date jobs board is a valuable advantage for any alumni network. Your software should permit you to share jobs, add external job feeds, and even let member alumni post job opportunities.

  5. Event (Virtual) Management –
  6. Alumni events are key to a successful alumni engagement plan. An effective event planning process can go a long way towards building a powerful alumni community. Your alumni management system should provide comprehensive event management capabilities which include:

    • An events calendar
    • Invitation and reminder emails
    • Ticketing options
    • An effortless online payment
    • Social networks integration to advertise the event

    Of course, laws and restrictions due to COVID-19 signify that physical events won’t be on the calendar anytime soon. Alumni directors are now compelled to rethink their event formats. Your alumni management platform should support your transformation from offline to online.

    For example, by enabling video calls, roundtable conferences, webinars, and more on the platform using the video conferencing tool of your preference. Furthermore, embedding conference links, offering a countdown to start feature, and allowing access to the live meeting from the event page are also super beneficial features.

  7. Fundraising Management –
  8. Beyond spending cash, fundraisers help build stronger bonds between powerful and important stakeholders and your institution, not to mention successful fundraisers boost confidence throughout the establishment.

    The best alumni management system empowers your team to:

    • Design campaign pages with ease
    • Rapidly promote fundraisers amongst the network
    • Offer an integrated effortless payment gateway
    • Process donations
    • Automatically create donation reports

    A great alumni management program will save your team time regarding managing tasks. You can start off the first step by adopting alumni management software (ERP).

  9. Analytics & Engagement Scoring –
  10. The best alumni management system should allow you to track your alumni’s activity on the platform such as their clicks, likes, shares, comments. You should be able to easily see what kind of content works best to help you constantly improve your engagement strategy.

    The best alumni programs provide an engagement scoring system to make identifying power users almost effortless. Community managers determine the most significant member actions and assign points for each action.

  11. Mobile Compatibility –
  12. Many alumni management system products offer multi-device support so that communications and donor portals generated by the software can be observed easily regardless of whether the alumnus is using a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

Wrapping Up –

Your alumni program should have all the features to accommodate the best experience for your alumni. However, the success of your alumni community depends eventually on your alumni engagement strategy.

In order to equip the right content, you need to understand what alumni require. According to an alumni organization report, 58% have not surveyed their members. It’s necessary to ask alumni what benefits they consider are most valuable, how frequently they want to be contacted, and in what format they want to communicate. Additionally, employing personalization and highly related quality content will also be key to your success.

For more details about the alumni management system, or to schedule a consultation for understanding how it works, contact us today!

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