5 Best Open Source E-commerce Platforms for Your Online Business

Best Ecommerce Platforms

For small and medium-sized businesses, building an online presence to sell products or services is an absolute must to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Opting to use free open source Ecommerce platforms to handle online transactions might be an easy decision for your business. Furthermore, picking the best open source Ecommerce platforms will prove to be far more subtle. After all, they all have different powers and flaws. Although, open-source Ecommerce platforms require regular updates yet it is very easy to understand and to achieve excellence. Open-source Ecommerce frameworks are free and you often usually have more creative control over the layout and how the store works. Plus, you can also control things such as hosting, plugins, and themes that would go into your store.

In this blog, we have accumulated for you the 5 best options to consider while you are seeking an Ecommerce development platforms solutions to start your online retailing chain.

5 Best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms –

  1. WooCommerce

    If you want to use WordPress for your Ecommerce website, WooCommerce will help you out. WooCommerce owns a large and rapidly-growing user community. Its seamless integration with WordPress makes it a flurry to install and execute. It has various free themes that you can use to create your online store.

  2. Magento

    Magento is an open-source platform, fully tailored for Ecommerce applications and designed for small businesses and developers. This e-commerce development platforms can increase the activity of your business. Also, a secured payment gateway is present for all of the users which makes it the best PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform among all of them.

  3. OpenCart

    OpenCart is the most popular PHP-based Ecommerce platform for small businesses. It is a lightweight system and requires fewer resources than Magento. You can build multiple stores, built-in SEO feature, and include your social media on the platform. Indeed, OpenCart looks like a great solution for startups and small businesses that are going for independent web store development.

  1. PrestaShop

    PrestaShop is yet another popular open-source Ecommerce platform that you can use. It has all of the required features and functionalities that are essential for the users. PrestaShop offers a mobile-optimized platform and can choose between various themes.

  2. ZenCart

    Zencart is also among the most popular open-source Ecommerce platforms. It offers plenty of options to customize the cart using templates, shipping and payment options, multiple languages, and custom-made graphic design for a beautiful and engaging user interface. Undoubtedly, it is the most dynamic and secures e-commerce development platforms solution we have today.

Final Thoughts –

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say which one is the best e-commerce platform, as your specific requirements will decide which features will benefit you most. Adopting an e-commerce platform can be challenging just because there are so many different options at your end. Fortunately, you can narrow your list down based on the criteria that we’ve identified above. If you are looking for an Ecommerce Development Company, we at AjasraTech provides all Ecommerce solution having all fundamental features required to run a successful online selling business. AjasraTech has the Best Ecommerce Website Developers who design and develop websites using 100% responsive themes and graphics providing the best user experience and effective user interface. Feel free to contact us today to get started. 

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