4 Reasons to Develop Mobile App for your Fitness Centre

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Mobile apps are holding every division, from small to large. And, the fitness industry is no longer an exemption. Developing a mobile app does not affect the scale of the gym. Whether your gym is known for weightlifting, boxing, CrossFit, or other fitness specialties like Zumba, aerobics, and yoga, all fitness activities should be listed on your mobile app.

According to Digital Trends, 51% of people use their smartphones while working out. Wondering why? A gym mobile app can streamline the process to a great extent and it is very important for small businesses to invest in mobile apps. Thus, among this mobile supremacy, you have no other option than developing a gym mobile app to promote your fitness center.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can use a mobile app to achieve several goals. Let’s discuss how exactly you can achieve your goals by developing a gym mobile app for your fitness centre.

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade a Fitness Centre with a Mobile App

Mobile app engagement already helps hundreds of businesses reach new customers, increase engagement, and turn newcomers into regular customers. Your app’s feature set depends completely on your business needs and your budget. We recommend creating a solid MVP first, then adding features progressively according to what your customers need the most and what features they liked during the first iteration.

Let’s see how exactly a gym mobile app features can help your business thrive.

1. Real-time Schedule –

Users should be able to see all classes you have in your fitness center and book them. This will allow people to see what opportunities they have and will avoid overbooking. Plus, you can show how many places are left: this will encourage your
users to book their classes in advance.

2. Push Notifications –

Push notifications are an exceptional tool for reaching your customers and improving their experience. There are several types of push notifications:

  • Informational notifications: Let users know about updates or modifications in the schedule.
  • Reminder notifications: Remind customers about classes and membership card expiration.
  • Catch-up notifications: These will help you engage users who haven’t visited your app for a long time.
  • Recurrent notifications: These are sent at a specific time each day or on a specific day each week or month. You can evoke users about their fitness goals or encourage them to come to your gym.
    To send and manage push notifications, you can either implement your own admin panel or use a third-party push notification service.

3. QR Code Coupons and Membership Cards –

With QR code support in your app, users won’t have to worry about bringing their membership cards, coupons, and flyers. Users can keep mobile coupons in one spot, which will increase their loyalty to your fitness centre.

4. Analytics –

Analytics is an essential part of any mobile application. You need analytics to estimate your achievement of marketing and technical goals. Analytics can show you:

  • How your app is doing technically
  • How well your marketing campaigns work
  • What features are the most favoured among users
  • What devices the majority of your audience owns
    You can use this information to develop your app and specify your testing strategy.

Final Thoughts –

Mobile tech has lots to offer any business. Fitness is no exemption, and people are constantly using technology to lead a healthy lifestyle. With a mobile app engagement, you as the owner of a sports-related business can achieve several goals.

If you want to bring your gym or fitness centre to another level, be sure to contact us for more information.

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