About Us

What does the name Ajasra mean?

When Ajasra started, the thought behind it was to start something that has no boundaries and so does the word "Ajasra" mean. It is a sanskrit word (Sticking to the roots) which means "something that keeps running continuously". Our logo also signifies and is inspired by infinity. Thus, aligning with our mission and vision of building something with no boundaries while always sticking to the roots of origin.

Our team is diversified which brings varied perspectives on the table

While we believe in young talent and put efforts to nurture it, we have experienced team that leads and guides them through all the process ensuring a scalable and dynamic product delivery. Some characteristics you will find on our team members is

  • Strong Opinions
  • Talking about ideas
  • Passion for work
  • Continuous learning attitude
  • Agile attitude
  • Updated about new trends
  • Quick Access
  • Spontaneous and prompt response
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Product Development Services

Your product development partner

Ajasra was started with an aim to solve problems every idea stage startup face of re-iterating over requirements and coming up with robust requirements of a product from beginning and also of products in growth stage to respond to the market needs. Keeping all these in mind, Ajasra provides product development services while also a consultancy of go-to strategies for product and responding to user responses.


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